It is a feast for the eyes, to see the cobblestones that lead you into a picturesque and fantastic centre filled with courtyards, staircases and archways and notice that above you, amongst the many chimneys there are not only terracotta birds but also real ones. Along the external walls, there is not a centimeter that hasn't been covered with a coat of arms, a tile or any decorative element.


Stopping in the first courtyard it is neccesary to at least give some time to look at the refined Bonsai collection. Next to them are lemons and citrus and...a mysterious globe that houses rare wild orchids.
In the adjoining terrace, one passes through an exhibition of antique stones, other plants – this time oily ones wait to catch your eye and infront of them...
...a rare display of antique clay objects.
Fornace Curti, apart from being a leader on lombardo clay is also a place where one can relax and rediscover a corner of old Milan. An oasis in the hectic metropolis that we know, where time and space take on a more humane dimension.

The Curti compound is made up of building from various ages. This alows it to take on the feeling of a small village intersected by courtyards and laboratories. There are also 20 studios where various artists can excercise their creativity within our walls.

Guided tours for schools, groups and assosiations can be booked telephonically on the following number: +39-02-8135049
The 3rd weekend in May all the creative areas and laboratories are open and all phases of ceramic work can be seen.